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Georges Cameras

YouTube Channel

Mitchell has been heavily involved in producing the Georges Cameras YouTube channel content since 2021. Alongside various presenters, he's produced a wide range of videos that has allowed him to work closely with high-end brands, such as Sony, Fujifilm and BenQ.

We review the Canon R1 — Is it the worthy upgrade from the Canon 1DX Mark III?
The Canon R5 Mark II vs Canon R5 — We check out the upgrades!
Hands on with the GFX100S II in studio — we check out if it's a worthwhile upgrade!
Profoto Pro-D3 is it the relentless upgrade to the Profoto D2 workhorse?!
Underexposed with Chantelle Kemkemian
Underexposed with Clyde Vaughan
Is it worth switching your Nikon DSLR to a mirrorless? We chat to Nikon Shooter Sean Lee
DJI RS4 and RS4 PRO: What are the major differences from the RS3!?
Underexposed with Photographer Vienna Marie (Interview)
A chat with Cinematographer Pieter De Vries (ACS, Ghosts of the Abyss)
The All-New Fujifilm X100 VI  goes head to head-with the X100 V!
Warren Keelan - Ocean Photography with a New Perspective
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